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Jefferson CIty Paranormal Society


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About the
Jefferson City
Paranormal Society

Respect. Communicate. Investigate.



We are a small group of believers, skeptics, empaths, and mediums. The Jefferson City Paranormal Society (JCPS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to finding and publishing evidence of the afterlife.  We do not really investigate cases of UFOs or otherworldly objects. We focus solely on the former living. 


What do you mean by a new way to investigate? Have you heard of crowdsourcing? It's how people raise funds quickly. It's similar, but we don't want your money (unless you feel compelled to do so)! GhostSourcing. We want you to help us go through our evidence and find what we missed! Click the GhostSouring link below. 


If you own, manage, rent, or possess a property that you would like investigated please click the link below.






JCPS Mantra

To provide those who may still be alive with evidence that they are not crazy. Provide them with proof that there is no danger or that there is, in fact, danger. Finally, to help others (and ourselves) learn the best methods and methodology.

Ration & Facts

Jefferson City Paranormal Society has ensured that all investigations are conducted in an unconfrontational manner. We strive to never leave a place in a more negative way than when we arrived. We speak with respect and encouragement.

We also believe that we should not jump to conclusions. We work on facts, ration, and use actual scientific methods to determine validity. We use an array of scientific instruments to provide proof of any type of encounter. Some of our devices are in a research phase but results speak for themselves generally.

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